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 Enterprise Shadow Box Collection
 1/1000 USS Enterprise REFIT
 1/1000 Enterprise NX-01
 1/537 USS Enterprise A

This web site is under the construction and will be a modeling site for Star Trek modeling.

Project:  Star Trek Cadet Series Deep Space 9

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The Model
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200 x 138
1-2500 AMT AMT764 Star Trek Cadet Series Deep Space Nine 350x300.jpg Text

Project Plan
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Paint Required
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USS Defiant Base Color:
Light Gray (FS36495)
50% Light Gray and 50% White

Medium Gray (FS36375)
Light Ghost Gray 4762, 1728, FS36375
Dark Blue (FS35044)

Project:  Enterprise Shadow Box Collection

Type description here.

Project Plan
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Project:  1/1000 USS Enterprise REFIT

Project:  1/1000 Enterprise NX-01

Project:  1/537 USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A

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