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 1/72 Academy F4F-4
 1/72 Monogram P-40N Warhawk
 1/144 F-4E Phantom
 1/144 F-14 Tomcat
 1/144 F-15 Eagle
 Jonny Quest's Night of the Condor
 1/72 F-14A Top Gun
 1/72 B-17G Flying Fortress
 Planes of Pearl Harbor
 Planes of the Battle of Britain

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Project:  Planes of the Battle of Britain

The aircraft of the Battle of Britain will be a project to build the more popular and recognized aircraft used during the Battle of Britain. Primarily, the aircraft between Great Britain and Germany. The scale chosen will be 1/72 scale and the planes built will be from various modeling brands of aircraft at the ease of availability and purchase. Some aircraft models will be built out of box and some will use third party parts and or accessories to help maintain a certain level of quality and authenticity.

The aircraft listed below is not a definitive list of all the aircraft flown in the time period of what has been deemed the Battle of Britain nor all the involved contries and their aircraft. Some aircraft below were flown in limited numbers in the early part of the battle or had very little influence in the written outcome of the battle.

Planes of Great Britain
Boulton Paul Defiant Mk I  (Will not be built)
Bristol Beaufighter Mk I
Bristol Blenheim  (Will not be built)
Gloster Gladiator
Hawker Hurricane Mk I and Mk IIA series I
Supermarine Spitfire Mk I and Mk II

Planes of Germany
Dornier Do 17
  • Do 17M and P
  • Do 17 Z-2
  • Do 17 Z-3
Heinkel He 111
  • He 111 H-2
  • He 111 H-3
  • He 111 H-4
  • He 111 P-1
Junkers JU-87 Stuka
  • JU-87 B-1 and B-2
Messerschmitt BF-109
  • BF-109 E-1, E-1/B
  • BF-109 E-3
  • BF-109 E-4, E-4/B, E-4/N
  • BF-109 E-7, E-7/N
  • BF-109 F-1
Messerschmitt BF-110
  • BF-110 C-4, C-4/B
  • BF-110 C-5

Model Aircraft:  Battle of Britain

Planes of Great Britain

Planes of Germany
   Messerschmitt BF-109
   1/72 AIRFIX A01008 Messerschmitt BF109E-4
   1/72 Hasegawa A009 Messerschmitt Me109E
   1/72 AIRFIX 2086 Messerschmitt BF-109E

   Messerschmitt BF-110
   1/72 AIRFIX 2006 Messerschmitt BF-110C/D
   1/72 Fujimi Messerchmitt BF-110C

Project:  Jonny Quest's Night of the Condor

World War I Planes Used For This Episode
Fokker D VII

1/72 Revell 04192 SPAD XIII
1/72 Revell 04194 Fokker D VII

Paint Scheme

Model Master 2733 Ford Engine Red
Model Master 4633 Stop Light Red
Model Master 1768 Flat White
Model Master 4769 Flat White FS37875
Model Master 2040 Aircraft Interior Black
Model Master 4767 Aircraft Interior Black FS37031
Model Master 2059 RAF Dark Sea Gray
Model Master 4754 Dark Gray

Project:  Planes of the Pearl Harbor Attack

Project:  Planes From Top Gun Movie

Project:  B-17G Flying Fortress for Dan

Project:  F4F-4 Wildcats The Family Squadron

Project:  DeHavilland Mosquitos Mk VI From 633 Squadron Movie

Project:  Messerschmitt BF 109G "Lethal Spice" for Elise

Project:  P-38 Lightning or P-47 Thunderbolt for BIlly Bob

Project:  Strategic Air Command B-47E Stratojet - My Dad

Project:  Strategic Air Command B-36 Peacemaker - My Dad

Project:  Fighter Ace Legacy: Yak 9D "Raaboy"

Project:  Fighter Ace Legacy: Spitfire Mk VB "Raaboy"



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